What is Palaver Tree?

Palaver Tree is a company with a passion for colour and quality. We want our customers to be emboldened by what they wear whilst at the same time taking pride in the quality of their purchases.

True inspiration comes when we see possibility through new eyes. By embracing diversity we recognise the beauty in our differences. In a world where that which is different is too often treated with suspicion, we are all beholden to rejoice in that which makes us the same.

Beauty, elegance, identity, individuality. These are the principles that are the heart of all the products that Palaver Tree seeks to create.


Core values
Diversity and sustainability are at the core of our company values. On the design side this means that we celebrate the innovation that comes through our cultural contrasts. On the business side it means that we respect the need for long-term partnerships that truly benefit the communities and environments we work with.

The significance of the Palaver Tree within African culture is more than symbolic. It has been a rendezvous for those coming together to communicate, build trust and bring harmony to their community.  


Short-term mission
helping women and young people working in handicraft sectors in West Africa by providing our support in three areas:

  • Valuation of production by a specific training for understanding the importance of quality in their work in order to produce items rivaling those of major brands.
  • Marketing products in an inaccessible and demanding market. 
  • Sales of products under a quality label adding value to grow the audience, market and business.
  • Contributing 2% of after-tax profits to African women's health causes.